Culinary Arts

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Culinary Arts
Mr. Carey Ehly-Chef/Instructor
Mr. William Seras- Chef/Instructional Assistant

The Culinary Arts, Monthly Culinary Lunch Program

Required Courses for Program Completion: Culinary Arts I-II-III-9 credits total

The expanding hospitality industry continues to provide an increasing job market for individuals who have been trained in the culinary field. The Culinary Arts program, certified by the American Culinary Federation, is a three-year course of study designed to provide students with a current and practical view of the culinary workplace. Students are introduced to industry-recognized knowledge and skills needed to become a food service or culinary professional. Students cater special functions, participate in selected community events, and operate the Courtyard Cafe. The Serv-Safe industry certification is required to complete the program. A Capstone Cooperative Education experience is available to all eligible students in their senior year.


ServSafe: a food safety training and certificate program administered by the National Restaurant Association. The program is accredited by the American National Standard Institute and the Conference for Food Protection. A ServSafe certificate is a basic credential required by many restaurants for their management and culinary staffs.

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