1 to 1 Learning

Carlisle Area School District is preparing all of our students to work as responsible citizens and life-long learners by providing both students and teachers with the necessary technology tools and skills. Our students will be introduced to learning opportunities that allow to development skills in problem solving, information retrieval, research and communication skills, critical and creative thinking, and continued life-long learning skills.

Any intentional damage, or loss of the laptop, charger, or case (if applicable) is the student/parent/guardian's responsibility.  If the laptop is lost, please notify the Technology Office immediately at 717-240-6800 x13803.

Distribution Dates

All students will have access to Microsoft Office 365 for online productivity software, email, and file storage at school and from any other location with internet access. Microsoft Office 365 is available for personal or district owned laptops. Students without internet access outside of school will be able to access their files offline via Microsoft OneDrive.


• Engage all students in authentic, real-world activities and projects
• Extend learning beyond the classroom walls and the school day
• Advance digital equity
• Enhance teaching and learning
• Improve student achievement

If reasonable precautions are taken in the use of the laptop, the laptop should not experience physical damage. The laptop and its accessory equipment (power cord, case) are the property of the Carlisle Area School District. The laptop is to be used by the student only. The student should not loan their laptop to anyone. If anyone else accesses the laptop and violates policy, the student will be held accountable. All aspects of the Administrative Acceptable Use Agreement and Discipline Code of Conduct apply to the use of this equipment on and off campus.

1:1 Device Agreement Form