Are students required to take their laptop home every night?

Although there is no requirement to take the laptop home each night, students will find that most of their teachers will have assignments to complete at home that require the use of the laptop. Students may use a home computer to complete these assignments, but the district laptop will have software installed that may be helpful in completing the assignments.

What should students do if the laptop gets damaged or stolen at school or home?

Report any kind of damage to your building office or library as soon as possible. If the laptop is unsafe or unusable as a result of the damage, there will be some laptops available for daily loans. Students will be required to complete an "Incident Report Form" for each incident (forms may be obtained in each building office and the library).

May students use my own laptop rather than a district issued laptop?

Yes, but the student is expected to have a laptop at school everyday. The laptop will have access to the district's wireless connection. The student would not be required to pay the technology fee. The student would have the opportunity to receive a district laptop later in the year after submitting the agreement form and the full technology fee.

Can students return the district issued laptop if the students decides later to use their own?

Yes, the laptop may be returned to the district. The student is expected to have a laptop at school everyday. The technology fee will not be returned in full or part.

What kind of Internet connection do students need to have at home?

In order to access the Internet on the District laptop, the student will need a broadband Internet connection (such as DSL or cable). These machines will not be able to access the Internet with a dial-up connection. Students can use either Ethernet connection or wireless connection with these laptops.

What if students don't have Internet at home?

Home Internet access is not necessary. The District understands that not all members of our community may have these services in their home. The Carlisle High School's wireless Internet access is available while the building is open. Students are encouraged to be resourceful, using study halls wisely and planning accordingly if Internet access is needed to complete an assignment. Community locations such as the Bosler and Amelia Givin Library as well as CyberSpace also have Internet access available after school hours for student use. Click here for more information.

Will other members of the household be permitted to use the laptop?

No. Members of the student's household may not use the equipment. It is the responsibility of the student to enforce this. If anyone else accesses the laptop and violates policy the student will be held accountable. The student should not loan their laptop to anyone.

How will technical issues and repairs be handled?

Do not attempt to repair the equipment. In case of equipment problems or technical issues, the student should visit the Carlisle High School Library and complete an Laptop Repair Form. In the event of negligent, malicious, or willful damage to the equipment, the parent/guardian will be responsible for replacing the equipment at full cost or paying for repairs.

What will the students do with their laptops during Physical Education classes and after school activities?

Students will be responsible for the care and security of their laptop. The size of the laptop lends itself well to securing the laptop in the student lockers, PE lockers, and team lockers when securely locked.

What if the student's locker does not function properly?

It is important to contact the building office if the student is having any problems with the locker (i.e. the door will not close, lock is not functioning properly, etc.) There will be times when the student will need to store their laptop in the locker, so it is important that it is functioning correctly. It is important that students do not share locker combinations with other students.

Will students be able to install software on the laptop?

No. Students installing software on school-owned computers is a violation of the Administrative Acceptable Use Agreement.

Can students use their own accessories with the laptop?

Yes. The laptop comes with 2 USB ports that can be used with digital cameras, iPod, MP3 players, etc.

Do students need a printer at home?

No. School printers are located in classrooms and the library. Students are also encouraged to remember the environment and think digitally. Files can be sent to teachers in digital form.