Software and File Management

General Information

• Laptops run on Microsoft Windows, are Internet capable, and have web-filtering services.
• Laptops come with a standard pre-loaded image. This image may not be altered or changed in any way.
• No additional software may be added by the student or anyone outside of the district's technology department.
• The district does not accept responsibility for the loss or any data deleted.
• Software applications may be installed for use in a particular course. The licenses for this software require that the software be deleted from laptops at the completion of the course.
• As stated in the Administrative Acceptable Use Agreement, students are expected to comply with copyright laws.


• Anti-virus software is installed and will automatically update when connected to the Internet. • The anti-virus software may not be removed or disabled.

Network Storage/Saving Files

• Students should use their Office 365 account to save and store files. Students may access this storage space through their unique logon and password from school or home.

• During service of the laptop, all work saved to the desktop, My documents, or any other space on the hard drive will be lost. Personal data should be saved to a USB thumb drive or cloud application for backup purposes.


• Students will login under their assigned usernames and password. Students will not share their password with others.


• Sound will be muted at all times at school unless permission is granted. Headphones can be used in class with permission from the teacher.

Internet Access

• As required by the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), an Internet filter is maintained by the district for school use on the laptop. Filtering attempts to restrict access to unacceptable sites. There is no guarantee that access to all inappropriate sites will be blocked. Log files are maintained with a detailed history of all sites accessed. It is the responsibility of the user to use the laptop and the internet appropriately.
• Students are required to notify building personnel if they access information or messages that are inappropriate, dangerous, or threatening.
• The district will not serve as a home Internet service provider.
• In the near future, the district will provide internet filtering for the laptops while connected to the Internet away from school.
• If Internet service is not available in the home, students are encouraged to visit locations throughout the school district that provide Internet access. The high school library posts hours of operations before and after school.