Wireless Connection at School

District Laptops (including those in the 1:1 Learning Device program) should connect to the Campus network, not the BYOD network, to connect to network drives and gain a faster internet connection. If you are connected to the BYOD network, follow the instructions below to switch back to the Campus network.

By moving your mouse pointer over the network icon in the left corner of the taskbar, you can see if the laptop is connected to the BYOD or Campus network.

If it is attached to the BYOD network:

Right click on the network icon in the left corner of the taskbar.

Right click on BYOD and choose "Disconnect"

Click "Open Network and Sharing Center"

On the right side of the window, choose "Manage Wireless Networks"

Drag Campus network to the top of the list or click the Campus network and click the option at the top of the screen to "Move Up"

Close the window and in a few seconds the network icon should return to normal white bars.

Logoff and log back onto the laptop to verify network drives (H:/Home Directory).