AP U.S. History - Summer Reading 2020-21

Students should be sure to sign up for the online textbook (directions below) in order to complete several of the assignments listed.  All required assignments may be downloaded from the files below.  If a NEW student, who has not previously signed up for APUSH, please be sure to email Mr. Wagner at wagnerk@carlisleschools.org to be assigned your colony for the "Thirteen Colonies" assignment. 

Related Files

File summer assignments letter.pdf(PDF - 478 KB)

File online textbook registration.pdf(PDF - 43 KB)

File chapter 1 outline.pdf(PDF - 440 KB)

File chapter 1 review powerpoint.pptx(PPTX - 2.07 MB)

File chapter 2 outline.pdf(PDF - 366 KB)

File chapter 2 review powerpoint.pptx(PPTX - 2.12 MB)

File chapter 3 outline.pdf(PDF - 360 KB)

File chapter 3 review powerpoint.pptx(PPTX - 1.65 MB)

File thirteen colonies.pdf(PDF - 54 KB)

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