Arts & Humanities (list of offerings)

The following planned courses will fulfill the Arts & Humanities requirement. All students must pass a minimum of two full credits of Arts & Humanities courses in order to graduate.

Questions regarding previously completed Arts & Humanities courses should be directed to the CHS Virtual Administrator.

Credit values are shown.

AP Art History- 1
Art Appreciation- 0.5
Music Appreciation- 0.5

Careers/Technology (CT)
Life Skills- 0.5
Family and Consumer Science-0.5
Game Design- 0.5
Web Design- 0.5

Creative Writing- 1
Journalism- 0.5
Grammar and Composition- 1

World Languages
French I, II, III, IV, AP French- 1 ea
German I, II, III, IV- 1 ea
Spanish I, II, III, IV, AP Spanish- 1 ea
Japanese I, II- 1 ea
Mandarin Chinese I, II- 1 ea