Parent Responsibilities

Parents of CVA students have the opportunity to participate in the education of their children. Parents have the following obligations/responsibilities:

• Oversight (supervision) of their child’s education.

• Attendance at orientation sessions offered to CVA students

• Provision of an environment conducive to a virtual educational program of studies.

• Attend required meetings with the Virtual Administrator and/or assigned mentor.

• Monitor their child’s progress on a regular (at least weekly) basis. Contact the school promptly with issues impeding the academic progress of their child.

• Contact the school to address issues/concerns regarding issues with respect to their child’s educational program as specified in orientation sessions and individual meetings with the virtual staff.

• Support their child’s compliance with policies, rules and procedures set forth in the CVA Administrative Guidelines, the Academy Online Educational Program Guide/ Program Manual, and the Student-Parent Handbook.

• Assist their child in submission of all forms, applications, and documentation according to specified due dates (i.e. in a timely manner).

• Assume responsibility for compliance with the attendance provisions of the PA School Code as well as corresponding district policy/administrative guidelines.

• Monitor their child’s computer use to ensure the proper use of computer hardware and software for educational purposes and in accordance with school Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) regulations.

• Monitor their child’s daily online computer time requirement to ensure completion of the course curricula according to the district timeframe for completion of all work for each semester.

• Assure that the work completed by their student complies with the Academic Integrity provisions of the Student-Parent Handbook.

• Contact the school with respect to changes in their contact information, address, or academic status.

• Assist their child with transportation/attendance to and from the student's home school relative to standardized assessments and/or course examinations which they are required to take and/or relative to extracurricular activities in which they are eligible to participate.

• Return any and all instructional materials and/or equipment borrowed from the school.