Protocol for Communication between Athletes/Parents and Coaches

If the parent of any student-athlete on any of our teams has a concern that they want to discuss, the following protocol will be in place for the Carlisle Area School District:

1. Encourage the athlete/parent to speak directly to his/her coach.  Many concerns can be resolved through this process.

2. C
ontact the coach at the appropriate level to schedule an appointment.

3. If a coach cannot be reached, contact the athletic office.  We will assist you in arranging a meeting.

4. Do not confront a coach or present concerns before a contest, after a contest, or during scheduled practice time.  These are very emotional times for all involved and waiting until the next day to contact the coach allows everyone time to think more clearly (24 hour rule).

5. If the meeting with the coach does not provide a resolution, contact the athletic director to discuss the situation.

6. Below is a chain of command for Carlisle Area School District from first line of communication to the top of the communication chain:


Assistant/JV Coaches (at lowest level of concern)

Head Coach

Athletic Director

Protocol for Communication between Athletes/Parents and Coaches