InfoSnap and Recertification


The Carlisle Area School District processes athletic forms electronically.  You must complete an InfoSnap physical form prior to participation in your son/daughter's first athletic season of the school year. NOTE: The InfoSnap form that you complete for school registration is different from the athletic InfoSnap form that you need for athletic participation.

For any athlete to participate, the student-athlete must have the following:

  1. InfoSnap PIAA form completed prior to participation in your son/daughter's first athletic season of the school year.  The InfoSnap account (username and password) is the same account used to register for school and update information/agreements each school year.  This on-line registration for sports replaces all written forms except for physician's exam, Section 6.
  2. Physical exam completed by physician on/after June 1, 2019 on PIAA form (Section 6 which can be printed from the submission page of InfoSnap.
  3. IMPACT Test current within 2 years of the first practice date (August 12, 2019 for high school and August 19th for junior high).

All forms are due to the Athletic Trainer's Room by 4:00 PM on Friday, August 2 (football), Friday August 9 (all other high school teams), and Friday, August 16 (junior high teams).

Failure to have all three requirements completed by the above due dates may result in not being allowed to participate starting with the 1st day of practice.



First sport for this school year:
Please make sure to read all directions before clicking on the link.  There is NO Snapcode to complete this form.

1. Go to

2. Logon with your InfoSnap account. To create a new account, click 'Create an Account'.

3. Select the student-athlete.  If the student is not listed, click the link 'To add another student'.

4. Complete the form and hit Submit.

5. If you are obtaining a physical from an outside facility, you will be able to print the health history and physical exam paperwork to take to the doctor on the submission page after you click Submit.


CASD will continue to provide sports physicals.  (Please refer to Physical Date 2019-2020 for dates and times.)


If you have any questions, please call the CASD Athletic Trainers at (717) 240-6800 x26010, or email Trainers, Brandi Carpenter at or Brian Waiter at  You may also contact the CASD Athletic Office at (717) 240-6800 (x26838- Pat Faller) or (x26837- George Null, and we will help you through the process.