Classroom Rules



1.  Arrive in class ON TIME
.  Set Good Habits Now!  Take Personal Responsibility!

2.  1st Tardy to class means loss of points for class participation.  2nd Tardy to class means possible assignment Early Morning Detention, from 6:55am until 7:25am.  Your parent will be notified, and you will have to find your own way here if necessary.  Additional class work will be assigned at detention

3.  Do not write on any desk, book, chair, computer, mouse pad, etc.

4.  No Food or Beverages in the computer room at any time.  Period!!!

5.  Keep your Work Station Clean and Neat:  Remove all trash at the end of class.   Book in its proper place.  Put keyboard in its proper place.  Push in your chair.

Log Off the Computer.  Points will be deducted if your workstation is not organized at the end of class.

6.  Any kind of excessive talking or disrespectful behavior to other students or teachers is unacceptable.  Students must learn to work together and get along together.  Class participation points will be deducted if you cannot work quietly – this includes at the end of class when your work is done – I will find PLENTY of additional assignments if you cannot keep quiet.

Early Morning Detention will be assigned for those that cannot control themselves.

7.  Remain in your seat until you are dismissed.  Do not walk around the room at any time without permission.  Do not stand by the door.  Do not open the door.  Class participation points will be deducted for people who cannot follow this rule.  Do not go into the office.   Do not use the smartboard terminal.  Raise your hand if you have a question or complete an assignment.   You do not need to yell out.

8.  Ask permission to use the lavatory/bathroom, get a drink, or go to your locker.  Same goes for going to the Nurse.  The words are; be responsible and be reasonable.  You must have your passport with you to leave the room for any reason.  Excessive Requests will be Denied.

9.  Homework:    This is a hands on course.  Participation and Hard Work are very important to your success.  You must be present in school and participate in class to become a successful typist and proficient with software.  There will likely be little homework in this class, however, feel free to practice at home.  Just like anything else, the more you practice, the better you get.  People who have excessive absences tend to get poor grades in this class.

10.  Grading:         Your grade will be based on the following - Use of proper keyboarding techniques, work habits, class participation, completion of practice exercises, completion of timed writings, short quizes, production assignments, presentations.  See Powerschool to see current assignments and grades.

 Let's Have a Great Class and a Great Year!!!