Laptop Distribution & Return

Carlisle High School students are required to have a laptop for their educational use during the school day, to expand learning beyond the classroom, enhance teaching opportunities, and improve student achievement. If your student does not have daily access to a laptop, one may be borrowed from the district for a $25 annual technology fee*. This non-refundable fee covers a new accidental damage protection plan for district laptops that would eliminate financial obligations for up to two accidental and unintentional damage incidents. The accidental damage protection plan does not cover damage to A/C adapters or cases. Students are expected to follow usage guidelines and to use caution in handling the equipment.

*The technology fee is $10 for a student that qualified for free or reduced lunch as of the end of the prior school year.

Students must submit the completed laptop agreement form with both the student and parent/guardian signature along with the technology fee to receive their assigned laptop.

***Your child must be present to receive a laptop.***

Laptops can be picked up during the following times:

Thursday, August 10:  12pm - 8.:30pm
Friday, August 11:  7am - 4pm
Monday, August 14: 12pm - 8:30pm
Tuesday, August 15: 12pm - 8:30pm
Wednesday, August 16:  7am – 4pm
Thursday, August 17: 7am – 4pm
Friday, August 18: 7am – 4pm

Students are expected to bring the laptop to school every day with a completely charged battery. A broken or forgotten laptop is not a legitimate excuse for incomplete school work.

A limited supply of laptops will be available from the high school library for students that forgot their laptop or if the laptop is being serviced. Cost is $5/day and the laptop must be returned to the library by 3:30 pm or 15 minutes following early dismissals the same day. The cost will be waived if the laptop is being serviced for non-malicious damage.

The laptop, battery, charger, and case must be returned prior to the last day of class or upon withdrawal. Students and Parents/Guardians will be financially accountable for any equipment and accessories not returned in working condition.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our technology department at (717)240-6800 x13824.