Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive

Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive

To log into Office 365 go to
Use your school email address. For students this is
Your password is the same thing that you use to log onto your school computer.

Once logged into Office 365 you have access to online versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Email, Forms, Sway, Onedrive Storage, and more.  

Setting up Email in Outlook 2016.
           On a school computer, simply click on the Outlook 2016 icon and go through the setup screens.  Everything should be filled in for you, just click next and confirm the information.  It should basically set itself up with a few clicks.  

Setting up the Sync between a local OneDrive folder and the cloud based OneDrive.

Student's with a
Windows 10 Laptop should use this video to learn how to sync their Onedrive.  

Having problems viewing this video?  The same video is available on Youtube by clicking here.  

Student's with a 
Windows 7 or 8 Laptop should use this video to learn how to Sync their Onedrive.

If you are having problems viewing the above video, click this link to view the same video on Youtube.  

Office 365 and OneDrive Setup