Everyday Mathematics

The Carlisle Area School District's mathematics program uses Everyday Mathematics for students in grades K through 5. This research-based curriculum, developed as part of the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project, reflects the new national standards for mathematics and includes these features:

• A curriculum that explores mathematical content beyond basic arithmetic.

• A problem-solving approach based on everyday and real-life situations.

• Frequent and varied practice of basic skills.

• An instructional approach that revisits concepts regularly.

• An emphasis on mathematical reasoning and communication.

• A commitment to home and school communication.

In the past few decades, there has been a tremendous increase in the importance of mathematics in the workplace and in daily life. In order to succeed in this information and technologically-oriented environment, students need to learn a range of sophisticated mathematical knowledge that extends far beyond basic calculation skills. Everyday Mathematics is a program that will prepare our students for the future and enable them to achieve at high levels. 

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