2015-2020 Superintendent and Board Goals



Carlisle Area School District

Teaching and Learning 2020


Empowering Every Learner


The Carlisle Area Schools District’s Teaching and Learning 2020 identifies academic goals and data indicators that guide our mission to educate the whole child. Teaching and Learning 2020 will provide the framework to achieve the goals of our comprehensive plan and stretch our planning in all areas for a five year outlook.

Mission Statement

The Carlisle Area School District is committed to providing all students with educational and leadership opportunities to meet the challenge of personal responsibility, enabling them to become contributing members of our diverse society. The district will excel in student achievement, community engagement, and financial stewardship.

Superintendent’s District Goals 2015 – 2020

  • Demonstrate annual improvement in each school’s Pennsylvania School Performance Profile Score (student achievement)
  • Demonstrate annual improvement in closing the achievement gap for economically disadvantaged students (student achievement)
  • Demonstrate annual increases in students who complete CASD cyber-based courses toward graduation credit (student achievement)
  • Demonstrate annual increases in the number of students participating in co-curricular activities (student achievement)
  • Demonstrate annual improvement in the number and percentage of community/parent’s participating in school activities (community engagement)
  • Demonstrate annual improvement in the perception of school/district climate as measured by a CASD Annual School Improvement Survey of students, parents, teachers, graduates and community members (community engagement)
  • Maintain the District’s financial integrity by maintaining a fund balance in the range of 6% - 8% of the total budget (financial stewardship)
  • Maintain the District’s financial integrity by maintaining appropriate reserve accounts(facility maintenance, future construction needs, & technology needs) that support the mission of the district (financial stewardship)

Strategic Initiatives

A strategic initiative will increase the capacity of the district and enhances the opportunity for the district to accomplish our mission and goals. Each strategic initiative improves the likelihood of performance across the Teaching & Learning2020 framework.

Strategic Initiative - College and Career Ready

Transition Carlisle Area School District’s academic programs from the traditional standardized curriculum and assessment to a personalized learning focus that is more relevant for all students. This process would be imbedded in the development of the Professional Development Plan.

Establish community partnerships to expand early childhood initiatives and expand Full-Day Kindergarten to every elementary school by 2020.

Expand support for all students to leave elementary school reading on grade level.

Expand quality courses at all levels that are more relevant for the education of the whole child.

Expand opportunities for all students to have access to higher level courses (honors, AP) at the high school.

Expand choices for students to earn college credit in high school with the opportunity to graduate early.

Establish opportunities for economically disadvantaged populations to have access to higher education.

Increase the amount and quality of real world (soft skills); problem-based learning at all levels, with an emphasis on community-based experiences.


Strategic Initiative – Technology and Personalized Learning

Expand the infrastructure plan to improve the connectivity and capacity between schools to support all aspects of Teaching and Learning 2020.

Expand opportunities for student choice through online resources to support personalized student interests and learning goals.

Empower learners to network with a community of experts and gather information to discover, analyze, and interpret as well as contribute new ideas.

Encourage learners to critically evaluate and effectively utilize information, media and technology.

Strategic Initiative - 21st Century Skills

Establish opportunities in the curriculum to incorporate more writing, communication and collaboration to accomplish learning goals.

Maximize opportunities for students to use creativity and innovation to achieve learning goals.

Emphasize the use of critical thinking and problem solving in every classroom every day.

Strategic Initiative – Workforce/Human Resources

Expand opportunities to develop teacher leadership capacity that supports retention of quality employees who seek career advancement.

Expand opportunities to recruit and hire a more diverse workforce district-wide with an emphasis on the professional staff.

Expand opportunities for student leadership that may lead to employment in Carlisle Area School District.

Explore the hiring of a human resource administrator with the core function of streamlining the responsibilities of hiring, benefit administration and labor regulations to operate more efficiently in all departments.

Strategic Initiative - Community Partnerships

Expand partnerships in the area of Health and Wellness that will support student needs in nutrition, healthcare and opportunities for career exploration.

Expand partnerships in the area of Early Learningthat will support access to quality early learning activities for all CASD students before entering Kindergarten.

Establish partnerships in the area of Early Learning that will support the expansion of Full-Day Kindergarten in all Carlisle Area School District elementary schools by 2020.

Expand partnerships in HigherEducation that will support greater access to college credit in high school.

Establish partnerships in Higher Education that will support direct access after high school to college for minority students.

Establish partnerships withBusinessesthat will support more opportunities for CASD students to have real-world experiences; internships, mentorships, externships, that lead to employment after high school.

Expand partnerships with Community Based organizations and/or service clubs that will support various programs in the district to achieve our mission.

Establish partnerships with Community Based organizations to create safe locations for students to access online resources when not in a school building.


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