Students Present New Clubs to School Board Committee

Students Present New Clubs to School Board Committee
Carlisle High School students and Principal, Dr. Michael Black, presented new club offerings to the School Board's Extracurricular and Athletics Committee.  

Colby Williams presented on the Eliminating Racism Club with the purpose to address ways in which high school students can actively help to eradicate racism.

Desiray Robinson and Kimora Williamson presented on the Diverse Student Union Club with the purpose to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of our diverse student body and to create an awareness of issues that affect the school community.  The club adviser is teacher Dorene Wilbur.

Taytum Robinson-Covert and Lillian Roesler presented on the Social Activism Club which is centered on learning about and discussing social issues and bringing the discussion to the real world through attending community events and peaceful protests, as well as engaging in volunteer work, and other methods decided upon by the group to work towards progressive social change.

Ryan Jin, Samantha Martin, and Taytum Robinson-Covert presented on the Spirit Summit 2019.  The theme of that summit was 'Combating Racial Tension within High School'.