Helpful Information

Expectations of Students

Commitment - Students are expected to keep up with the pace of the course, to participate in class, and to complete assignments on time.

Time Investment - The number of hours required to complete an online course is similar to the number of hours required to complete a traditional classroom course (to include both time in class/online and the time spent out of class/offline on assignments and project/activities).

Daily Computer Access

Learning Coaches

Parents, guardians, and/or other adults who are capable of delivering instruction to students must participate in the learning process for elementary students as learning coaches.

For every hour of online programming, 30-45 minutes of offline instruction is needed with the designated learning coach.

The learning coach receives all the resources needed to provide instruction.

Learning coaches must take the Introduction to Online Learning training course offered by K12.


You should contact the Virtual Administrator for information about the registration process.

Summer Months

Academy online courses are not available to elementary school students during the summer months.