Business Academy

Business Academy, Instructors: Mrs. Cathy Gipe and Mr. Joseph Wagner

Courses Offered
Introduction to Business, Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, Accounting I and II, Integrated Office I and II and II, Business Law,  Career Exploratory-Business Focus.

Business careers are in high demand in today’s competitive and global marketplace.  Furthermore, an understanding of management, entrepreneurship, accounting, personal finance, and technology are necessary to succeed in any career.  All students enrolled in business courses can receive basic skills as well as career training in accounting, business ownership and office technology. Additionally, business students are eligible for Microsoft Application Specialist certification and may earn college credits through a college in the high school program with Harrisburg Area Community College. Opportunities are available for students to develop skills and competence in business through participation in Junior Achievement’s Finance Park, promoting and marketing the high school’s student run branch of Members 1st Federal Credit Union, managing Bison Corner (the high school's student store) and competing in events sponsored by DECA-An Association of Marketing Students.

Career & Technical Education Options 
Students with a serious interest in pursuing a business related career and/or post secondary opportunities can devote their electives in their junior and senior years toward a program of study in Accounting or Administrative Office Assistant. Students, who complete the proper scope and sequence of academic and business courses and score proficient on the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) exam, are eligible for completer status in an Accounting career and technical education program. These students receive the Pennsylvania Skills Certificate; a national recognized certificate issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and can take advantage of state wide articulation and local agreements to receive college credit. Additional college credits may also be earned through a college in the high school program with Harrisburg Area Community College. A Capstone Cooperative Education or Career Exploratory experience is available to seniors who pursue the Accounting or Administrative Office Programs of Study.

Industry Certification, Microsoft IT Academy
All Business Academy students are offered the opportunity to be certified as Microsoft Application Specialists in the latest versions of Word, Excel, Power Point and Access. 

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