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Hello!  My name is Mr. Ross and I am the Business Education teacher at Lamberton Middle School.  The program of study being offered to the students include the following classes:  Digital Applications I for 6th grade, Digital Applications II for 7th grade, Digital Applications for 8th grade, and Personal Finance for 8th grade.  These courses are being offered as a component of the middle school Technology Education Curriculum and was first introduced to the students during the 2000-2001 school year.  The classes are designed to challenge students as well as teach them the proper keyboarding techniques, a more in-depth knowledge of computer use, and how to manage money.

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6th & 7th Digital Applications I and II

This course will be offered to the students in grades 6 and 7.  The students will develop their keyboarding skills through a carefully planned step-by-step process emphasizing the touch system, correct keying posture, and correct technique of operation.  The topics to be covered in this course include the following.

1. Proper use of the computer (Including Digital Citizenship)

2. Setting up a workstation

3. Alphabetic keyboarding

4. Alphanumeric keyboarding
5. Symbols

Spacing, number, and capitalization rules
7. Proofreading
8. Microsoft word sills
9. Numeric keypad
10. Spreadsheets - 7th Grade

11. PowerPoint - 7th Grade

12. Speed drills
13. Timing test of 1 and 2 minutes

8th Grade Digital Applications

This course will be offered to the students in grade 8.  The students will continue to improve their keyboarding skills and develop more in-depth knowledge of  how to use the computer.  The topics to be covered in this course include a review of keyboarding from grades 6 and 7 plus:

1. Presentation software (PowerPoint)
2. MLA research paper format

3. Business letters and memos
4. Spreadsheets

Personal Finance for Grade 8 

This course will be offered to the students in grade 8.  The students gain valuable insight in how to handle and manage their personal finances wisely.  The topics to be covered in this course include:

1. Career exploration
2. Earning an income

3. Saving

4. Investing

5. Spending

6. Credit
7. Money management

Digital applications and financial knowledge are not only strong educational skills to learn but also are valued employable skills to master.  If you have any questions regarding this course, please call me at the school at 240-6800 ext. 15914.

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