Special Children / Special Adults

Welcome to Special Children/Special Adults class! This course is designed as a two part class;

  • the 1st part of the year (marking periods 1 & 2) we will learn and discuss Aging Population.
  • the 2nd part of the year (marking periods 3 & 4) we will learn and discuss the Special Needs Children.


With each section of this class we will go on Field Trips to various schools, program facilities, Nursing Homes, and Personal Care Homes. Guest speakers will be a regular part of our class format. Also you will be required to read and discuss two fictional stories that you will read independently at home and during class, one novel for each section of the class.


DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of this course and the content material, I find field trips and guest speakers to be vital to the learning process. But if you, as a student in this class, do not behave appropriately or handle the content with the up-most maturity; field trips, activities, and guest speaker presentations will be canceled and this course will turn into a textbook taught class, lacking hands-on learning.