Grading Scales

Grading Criteria

The following information will explain how a student is graded on their typing tests in Keyboarding.  A student’s grade is comprised of three things:  Words Per Minute (WPM), Errors, and Technique.

Average Words Per Minute For Each Grade

Grading Scale                           6th Grade         7th Grade         8th Grade

100%      A                              15 or more        20 or more       25 or more

95%        A                              14                    19                    24

92%        A-                             13                    18                    23


89%        B+                            12                    17                    22

86%        B                              11                    16                    21

83%        B-                             10                    15                    20


81%        C+                            9                      14                    19

78%        C                              8                      13                    18

75%        C-                             7                      12                    17


72%        D+                            6                      11                    16

69%        D                              5                      10                    15

65%        D                              4                      9                      14




The number of errors a student makes may also affect their grade.  Each grade range is based on a ratio of words per minute typed to errors made.  The “A” grade range ratio is 7 to 1, the “B” grade range ratio is 6 to 1, the “C” grade range ratio is 5 to 1, and the “D” grade range ratio is 4 to 1.  For an example, if an 8th grade student typed 30 words per minute and made 5 mistakes, their ratio is 6 to 1.  Instead of receiving an “A” for a grade the student would receive a “B”.



A student is expected to demonstrate various typing techniques which are designed to help promote comfort and a positive work habit as well as helping to prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).  The techniques a student is to demonstrate while they are typing include:  sitting up straight, legs uncrossed and feet flat on the floor, elbows at their sides, wrists and fingers slightly curved, correct finger reaches, and no watching their fingers as they type.

The following point deductions will occur if a student does not demonstrate the techniques correctly. 

 -3 Points for

            Not sitting up

            Legs crossed/feet not flat on the floor

            Elbows not at their sides

            Not having their wrists and fingers curved

 -10 Points for

            Watching their fingers as they type

            Incorrect finger reaches