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I got the TV bug when I was in high school.  It started with being on the stage crew for school plays.  I loved the beehive of activity and cooperation involved in getting things ready for a live show; a show that could not be delayed or stopped.  Then, after a film elective, I was fascinated at what could be said and communicated without words.  I knew that film or TV was for me.  I went to Penn State, and majored in Broadcasting.  

The majority of my working years after college were spent in television news.  I worked locally at abc27 for 14 years, making news stories and anything else they'd let me do.  After that I went into corporate media production - first at a marketing firm and later for myself.

TV production is teamwork.  I've always gotten a lot of reward out of helping the rest of the team.  After all, that's how a team gets stronger and more successful.  I volunteered to train, explain and mentor at all of my employers.  So when I had this opportunity to join the staff at Carlisle Area High School, I jumped at the chance; the chance to inspire and coach the next wave of visual storytellers and show-makers.
For more specific details about my background, you can view the attached document below.


Ed Fox.
 "Outstanding" in the field.  LOLMr. Fox using a video camera in a field of tall grass  
               At abc27carrying a camera in front of abc27's satellite truck  
        Back at Penn StateMr. Fox, at 20 year old, wearing a headset in Penn State's TV studio  

   Mr. Fox's Background.docx
Mr. Fox using a video camera in a field of tall grass