Uniform Policy

CASD Culinary Arts Program

Uniform Policy

 One of the goals of our program is to promote and recognize professionalism.  Appearance and performance reflects on you not only personally, but also as part of a team.  The food service industry has standards of appearance.  A professional image is required to help create satisfaction from a customer’s point of view in addition to sustaining and enhancing pride in the school.  Uniforms help project this sense of professionalism as well as to serve practical purposes, like safety and sanitation.

 Students will be required to have a complete uniform before entering class each day.  The following requirements for the kitchen uniform will ensure all students are taking a strong first step toward personal success.  This policy reflects current industry standards for personal appearance and professional uniform.

Black long sleeve double breasted chef’s coat

Plain white T-shirt is to be worn under the chef’s coat – shirt decals must not be visible through jacket

Checkered chef’s pants .  No banded cuffs or roll-ups permitted

Chef’s hat – White Chef hat OR hair net

Bib-style apron and white side towel

Socks are required

All black-fully enclosed rubber/skid resistant shoes.  Shoe must be vinyl or leather – no fabrics or athletic shoes.  Black laces.  Shoes must be maintained and clean.

 Students are required to clean their own uniforms.  They may do so either by taking it home and washing it or using the school facilities.  

 Remember that our goal is to portray a neat, clean and professional image while taking into consideration student safety and sanitation.  Failure to comply with uniform and personal hygiene policy will affect the student’s daily grade, regardless of his/her kitchen and/or classroom performance.



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