Culinary Arts Students Enjoy Visit from PA Beef Council

Culinary Arts Students Enjoy Visit from PA Beef Council
On Tuesday 1/23/18 the culinary arts students had the opportunity to learn how to breakdown a whole round of beef from a steer.

Nichole Hockenberry from the PA Beef Council, and their Director of Marketing & Communications conducted a mini workshop in the Courtyard Café.

All students then moved to the kitchen and the class was led by Rick Fetrow. He is employed by IBP/Tyson which is the largest beef, pork, and chicken processing company in the United States. Rick taught the students how to breakdown the entire round of beef. He explained all of the smaller cuts from the round as well as how to best prepare each portion of beef.

The students went through an extensive four module program related to beef last December in order to be eligible for this demonstration. Each module was thirty minutes in length and all students were given a written assessment after each module.

The students enjoyed the demonstration and finished cutting the beef into smaller portions for later use in their program.