Flat Martin Visits Hamilton!

Flat Martin Visits Hamilton!
Every year each school in CASD submits a project to the MLK Jr. Commemoration Event held annually in the Carlisle Community.  The theme this year was "Working Together for Equity and Justice."  Sherry Moyer (5th grade teacher at Hamilton) and Michelle Line (art teacher at Hamilton) volunteered their time to help a group of 5th grade students create a book entitled, "Flat Martin Visits Hamilton." 

The book mirrored the Flat Stanley series, where the main character travels and visits different locations.  Flat Martin visited Hamilton to see equity and justice in the little things we do at school every day.  Some of the things he saw included a student using assistive technology to write an assignment, a student utilizing a fidget to help them focus, students eating breakfast at school, and 5th grade students supporting 1st grade students playing kickball at recess. 

Flat Martin sees that fair does not mean equal, and that everyone deserves an opportunity to access an equitable education at Hamilton.  The students and staff volunteered their time after school to create a book that is interactive, engaging, and encapsulates how Hamilton works together for equity and justice. 

Pictured at a recognition by the School Board of Directors are Students Arianna Bear, Alliya Doporcyk, Amerie Miller, Aviana Stackfield, Lily Potter, Hannah Kaser, Reese Evans, Katie Sternick, as well as Superintendent Colleen Friend, Art Teacher Michelle Line, 5th Grade Teacher Sherry Moyer, and Principal Todd Kilmer.

Participants not pictured: Students Lilly Boychock, Tiliyah Chandler, Karen Teo Cruz, Kate Eyman, Sophia Ianuzzi, and Averi Stirkey.

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