Severe Weather Conditions

In case of severe weather conditions, the Superintendent will decide: 

1. To cancel school for the entire day
2. To begin school later than usual
3. To dismiss school earlier than usual
4. To hold school sessions as usual
5. To hold a Flexible Instruction Day (FID)

Late Start
2 Hour Delay School Start Times
Middle School: 9:46 AM
Swartz & McGowan Buildings: 9:49 AM
Elementary Schools: 10:40 AM

Early Dismissal
2 Hour Early Dismissal End Times
Middle School: 12:35 PM
Swartz & McGowan Buildings: 12:45 PM
Elementary Schools: 1:30 PM

Students should add 2 hours to their normal bus pick-up time.
Example: Normal bus pick-up  7:10 AM ->    2-hour delay   9:10 AM

Parent/Student Notification
A student notification call/text will be sent via notification system to all parents who have supplied notification numbers during registration.  Announcements will be made over local radio and television stations.

Students should wait for 25 minutes from the scheduled pick-up time at their bus stop.  If the bus does not arrive, the students may return home and will receive and excused absence for the day missed.