Flexible Instruction Day (FID) Culinary Assignment Two

PowerPoint for Principles of Cooking.pdf

Carlisle Area School District – Culinary Arts

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*FID assignment for the second snow day or second inclement weather day*

Read and follow the instructions listed below.
This assignment is due the next day that school is in session.
This assignment will take approximately 90 minutes.

PDE Institutional Food Worker CIP 12.0508

Periods 1 – 3 and Periods 4 – 6 / level one – three students

Assignment 2 – Principles of Cooking

  1. The student will review a PDF PowerPoint presentation on the Principles of Cooking.

    On Cooking Sarah Labensky – 2012 by Pearson Education

    This PDF PowerPoint is located at the top of the FID page

  2. The student will then need to write a one page paper about the principles of cooking.
  3. Below are criteria that will help you to create your paper.

 Writing Assignment Criteria

  1. List the three methods of heat transfer and then explain how each of the three methods of heat transfers to various foods.
  2. Explain how heat affects different foods.
  3. Explain all of the basic principles of various cooking methods. Give one example of each method.
  4. Choose one of your favorite foods that you enjoy and list what cooking method that you would use to prepare that recipe.