Flexible Instruction Day (FID) Culinary Assignment One

Carlisle Area School District – Culinary Arts

Student Name:_______________

*FID assignment for the first snow day or first inclement weather day*

Read and follow the instructions listed below.
This assignment is due the next day that school is in session.
This assignment will take approximately 90 minutes.

PDE Institutional Food Worker CIP 12.0508

Periods 1 – 3 and Periods 4 – 6 / level one – three students

Assignment 1 – Written Paper on Cooking Show and / or Cooking Demonstrations

1. The student will watch two 1/2 hour cooking shows on television or two 1/2 hour YouTube cooking demonstrations online.

2. The student will write a minimum half page paper about each TV show or cooking demonstrations.

3. The student must be prepared to discuss the show in class and present their written assignment the following day.

4. Below are criteria that will help you to create your paper.


Writing Assignment Criteria

1. What were the cooking shows or YouTube videos that you viewed?

2. What was the topic (example: Ethnic Foods, Holiday Foods, or Super Bowl Foods)?

3. What foods did they prepare on the show?

4. How was the food cooked and served.

5. What type of equipment did they use?

6. Who was the Chef and where were they from?

7.Did you like the Chef?

8. What were your thoughts (good or bad) about the food?