Grading Criteria


Grades are computed on a point system by categories.  See Determining Your Grade Sheet.  Each daily grade, quiz, test, homework, assignment and project is worth an assigned point value.  At the end of the period the total number of possible points and the student’s total points earned are calculated.  The points earned, are divided by the total number of possible points and weighed by category.

95-100                         A

92-94                           A-

89-91                           B+

86-88                           B

83-85                           B-

80-82                           C+

77-79                           C

74-76                           C-

71-73                           D+

65-70                           D

64 and below               F


Evaluation Methods:

*Daily Grading Criteria                               Group Projects

Quizzes                                                           Individual Projects

Pre-tests/Tests                                                 Oral presentations

Homework Assignments                                 Individual Self Evaluations

Study Guides                                                  In-class Participation

Worksheets                                                     Following school policies                
Lab experiences/demonstrations                     Competencies

Determining Your Grade


Daily Grading Criteria - 50%


  • Uniform/Appearance (Must be in uniform to participate)

    If you are not in full uniform, you will not participate in foods lab.  You will be assigned an Individual Learning Packet (ILP) which must be completed in addition to any class assignments.


    Nails/polish?      Jewelry?      Hat?      Shoes?      Gum?


  • Attitude


  • Ability to work with others


  • Staying on a given task


  • Follows all rules and regulations*


20 points/day


All of these points are accumulated or deducted depending on whether or not you follow the daily grading criteria.  Students who are legitimately absent from class on any given day will be excused from a daily grade.  Any unexcused absences will result in a 0 for their daily gradeStudents in ISS/OSS will be given a 0 for their daily grade.  Students with an unexcused tardy will automatically lose 10 points of their daily grade.

                                    Get to class on time!


* Major deductions and possible disciplinary actions, are made for failure to comply with all safety rules.


Quality of Competencies – 30%


Quizzes, Homework, Assignments – 10%


Tests – 10%



Student Signature/Date

CAE: 8/21