Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The Carlisle Area School District (CASD) is committed to prepare all students and teachers to fully maximize the integration of technology resources into the academic program to:

  • • communicate, collaborate, research and problem solve
  • • understand and acquire digital citizenship

To achieve these changes in the academic program the Carlisle High School, grades 9 - 12, will allow student-owned devices to be used in a classroom setting to enhance and support instruction and learning under the direction of teachers in classrooms and study halls. The students will need to transition their use from mainly social and entertainment to a learning tool. The devices such as smart phones (iPhone), tablets (iPad), eReaders (Kindle, Nook), and laptops may be used. It is not necessary for students to purchase devices to participate as the district will continue to support classrooms with district-owned technology tools.

Access to the Internet is provided through the district’s filtered wireless network. The district’s network will allow filtered Internet access on the personal device in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), just as they would on district owned devices.

Theft, Loss or Damage
Carlisle Area School District, or any employee of CASD, is not liable or responsible for any theft, damage or loss of any non-district device or information on any such device. It is the responsibility of the owner of the device to ensure that the device is safe and secure.

The use of student devices will be the decision of each teacher depending upon the specific lesson planned for that day. Each teacher will be responsible to communicate expectations for the use of the device in their classroom learning.

Recording audio, video or photographic images without the subject’s permission is not allowed in any area of the school. These actions can be a violation of state and federal law. Distribution of such recordings or images can lead to possible further legal ramifications.