PowerSchool Access

Minimum Requirements: Internet Explorer 10, latest two versions of Firefox and Chrome.


PowerSchool offers students and parents real-time access to attendance, school announcements, and grades for Lamberton Middle School, Wilson Middle School, and Carlisle High School. Click here to access PowerSchool.

Students are assigned a User Name and Password to access PowerSchool.  At the middle schools, this information is distributed by counselors and the office.  At the high school, this information is distributed by counselors and the library staff.

Parents will need to use an AccessID and Password to setup a personal PowerSchool account by clicking the "Create Account" button at the PowerSchool website. Once a parent creates an account, that username and password will not expire and can be used from year to year as well as to access their other students' accounts.

Parents that did not note their student's AccessID and Password when using the online/InfoSnap system, should return to InfoSnap at www.carlisleschools.org/infosnap. Once at the website, click the link "Continue Your Work" and re-logon.  Click "View/Print" for the appropriate child. You will find the AccessID and Password about 10-11 lines down on the page.

Parents may also contact their building or guidance offices. This information will be distributed only to the parents or legal guardians of the student. 

Parents, did you forget your Username or Password?
Click the link on the PowerSchool screen for "Forgot Username/Password?".  An email will be sent to the address on file with instructions to retrieve the username and/or password.

When you check grades, do you see the message "This information is not available for the current student at this time."?
The student may have an obligation to the library, office, athletic, or technology department.  Please check with your student about possible obligations.

Do you have more than one child in Grades 6-12?
Link additional students to your PowerSchool account by clicking on the "Account Preferences" link.  Click on the tab "Students", located near the top-center of your screen.  Along the right side, click the "Add" button. Enter the first and last name as well as the AccessID and Password provided during the InfoSnap process or from your student's school office.

Mobile App
PowerSchool also offers a mobile app for iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices through the iTunes App Store and Google Play.  To setup the app, you may search for your student’s school and district or enter the district code of QRGW.