Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) - Science Information

Public schools in the state of Pennsylvania are required to have their students, grades 4-8, complete the PSSA testing in science. Typically, PSSA testing occurs during the month of April.

PSSA Folder

The CASD science staff takes every opportunity to prepare students for success on the PSSA. Additionally, each student has their own Study Island account in order to review content from past science coursees, assess their understanding on new content, and/or review materials related to Live, Earth, and Physical Sciences.

In order to understand and effectively prepare for the PSSA test, please take the time to read the documents and click on the links from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

    • Eligible Content
    • Tested Standards
    • Scoring Samplers
    • PSSA Test Samples




Test Design - Content (2014 version)


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