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Carlisle Boys Middle School Soccer  

Spring 2021



All forms needed for the physicals are now completed on line through info snap from the Carlisle Area School District Webpage.  Please see the attached information and the website below.  Please make sure that a parent/guardian completes all the forms before your physical.  All first sport athletes this school year must have a physical before you will be allowed to practice.  Both dates will take place at the Gene Evans Gym in the McGowan Building.  The Boys Soccer Physical is on February 17, 2021 from 3:00 – 3:30 pm.

Spring Sports Physical Exams  

Wednesday February 10,  2021  Gene Evans Gym

5:30 PM until finished            Boys Makeup (by appointment)

Wednesday, February 17, 2021   Gene Evans Gym

3:00 – 3:30 PM                       Boys Soccer- Grades 7-8


Physical Forms:           Address for the website: www.carlisleschools.org




Impact Test

All new players must take the Impact Test before the start of the season.  This is a test that helps the trainers determine when it is safe for players to return after suffering a head injury.  It is done on-line, and only takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.  The results are good for two years so if you took it last year you do not need to complete it again this year.  Please go to the web site and take this test ASAP.  When you are finished with the test please print out the confirmation page and give it to the coach no later than the first day of tryouts.


Impact Test Site:         Address for the website: www.carlisleschools.org

Department/Athletics/Impact Test/

Impact Test (at the bottom of page)

Select State & click on “Launch Baseline Test”

Enter ID Code – A43538792D and “Launch Baseline Test”


Normally, we would have a few kick-a-rounds in the gym at Lamberton, but given the situation we are in, that will not be possible this year.  We will see how the weather shapes up towards the end of February and beginning of March…if we can get a couple of descent days, I can schedule a kick-a-round or two outside…watch for an email…



The first day of tryouts will be on Monday, March 15th from 3:00 – 5:15 pm on the fields at Lamberton Middle School.  Tryouts will be the first three days with practices to follow till the end of the season. The only day that we won’t have practice will be on Friday, April 2nd (Good Friday).  We will have one Saturday practice, Saturday, March 20th from 10:00am – 12:00pm.  The times for all tryouts and practices, (except the Saturday practice) will be from 3:00 – 5:15 pm.  We will try and stick to this schedule, but it may exceed it a little during the tryout process and pre-season.  However, once the games begin practice will be over by 5:00 pm.  Please bring water, cleats, and shin guards to each practice.  All tryouts, practices and home games will be at Lamberton Middle School.


Making the Team

Because we have a limited number of jerseys and bus space, the Carlisle Soccer Team occasionally is forced to make a decision on who makes the team and who does not.  No coach likes to make these decisions, but we will do this as respectfully and honestly as possible. The players will be told personally by the coaching staff that they did not make the team and why.  The tryout process will be based primarily on fundamental skill, small-sided games, or scrimmage situations. We will be looking for the players’ technical abilities and tactical awareness during game-like conditions, as well as hustle, speed, quickness, endurance and attitude.



Positions will be based totally on the needs of the team as determined by the coaching staff.  It will not be based on the position a player plays on their club team, or the desire of players or parents.  Team needs always trump personal wants.


Playing Time

The Middle School Varsity and JV team will train and travel together under the supervision of two coaches. Both teams will play around a 14 game schedule.  Playing time and substitution will be at the coaching staff’s discretion for both games. This allows for player development during match play without the pressure of making sure everyone plays a certain amount of time despite the match conditions, the players’ abilities, attitude, level of play, and flow of the game. This also allows the players to learn to play and think soccer at a higher level and develop lasting skills and habits within a team framework. Although, every effort will be made to make sure all players play in each game, especially in the Middle School JV game…players will not play equal amounts of time in every game.



Coming to tryouts in shape will put you ahead of players that did not take the time to condition before tryouts.  It also means less time doing sprints at tryouts & preseason and more time playing soccer!!



Our game schedules will be distributed when available.



The Carlisle coaching staff will be working hard to build a team out of your young men.  As a rule, the concept of team means sacrificing personal goals for the good of the whole.  As difficult as it can be at times as a parent, we ask that you support the coaching staff with this process.  The coaching staff welcomes questions and concerns you may have as the season progresses, but as a general rule if the concern involves playing time, positioning, etc., we will expect the player to speak with us first.  If you ask these questions before the player has spoken to us, we will remind you of this courtesy and ask to speak with the player first. 


As a coaching staff we try our best to keep you informed of game times, bus departures, schedule changes, etc.  We ask that you do the same.  Please let us know “as soon as possible” if you will be missing a practice or game and why.  You will be informed if we accept your absence as excused or not.  Unexcused absences will result in a loss of playing time.  Continued absences can result in expulsion from our team.  We understand there may be appointments after school, clubs may meet, etc., but we must be informed ahead of time.  Telling us the day of the absence is not acceptable except in emergency situations. As a general rule, the order of importance is obviously:  Family first, School second, Team third. If an athlete is having problems at home or in school these take precedent.  As coaches we need to be aware of these problems to some degree so we can understand how to handle these issues that may affect the team.


Communication regarding playing time and positions are expected to occur between the player and the coach prior to communication between parents and coaches.  If you do not agree with the information your son receives, or have questions or concerns regarding that discussion, an appointment should be made to see the coach.  We will not entertain these questions without an appointment.  Reason:  Often these are emotional reactions and confrontational in nature immediately following a game, or the day after a practice.  These issues are best discussed away from the team and after a cooling down period.



Academics are considered priority.  Playing soccer is a privilege.  In order to be eligible to participate the student athlete must be passing five major classes.  The coaching staff is alerted when students are carrying a “D” or lower in a class.  The coach will address the failing grade with the student.  The student will be required to address this class immediately and report back to the coach on a regular basis the status of that grade.  If the student is failing two major classes they will be ineligible for one week.  If the grades are brought up they will be allowed to participate the next week.  If the grades are not brought up they will have to sit out another full week.


Drugs and Alcohol

We will follow the Code of Conduct for Carlisle Area School District Students Participating in Extra-Curricular Activities, which you signed as part of the INFOSNAP process.



If the athlete is not in school by 10:15 am they are considered absent for the day and cannot participate in practice or the game on that day unless the tardiness is pre-arranged.


To compete in a Saturday game or practice, the student must have been in school the previous full day or have written excuse verifying legal absence signed by a parent or guardian.


In-School and Out-of-School Suspension

If a player receives In-School Suspension, they forfeit their opportunity to participate in practices or games on the days they serve the suspension.  They are also suspended from the first half of the first game when they return to the team.  If a player receives a second In-School Suspension, they automatically forfeit their opportunity to be a member of the team.


If a player receives Out-of-School Suspension, they forfeit their opportunity to participate in practices and games on the days they serve the suspension.  They are also suspended from the first half of the first game when they return to the team.  If a player receives a second Out-of-School Suspension, they automatically forfeit their opportunity to be a member of the team.


Riding the Bus

There is something to be said about winning and losing games together.  Therefore, I would like all players to ride the bus to and from games.  If a situation does develop a note signed by a parent/guardian must be forwarded to the Athletic Director (nullg@carlisleschools.org) 24 hours before the game for approval.  He will then notify you and the coach if it is approved.


Shin Guards

Shin guards must have the NOCSAE tag on them.  This tag has a height range listed on it that makes sure the athlete is wearing the correct size shin guard.  If the referee asks to see the tag during a game and the shin guard does not have it the head coach receives a yellow card.


Yellow Cards

Yellow cards received for an attempt at fair play on the field are understood. Yellow cards for persistently arguing with an official are unacceptable. This situation hurts the team and won’t be tolerated. Players need to let the coaches handle these kinds of problems. If a player receives a yellow card for DISSENT they will miss half of a game. The coaches will keep track of the time. Please understand this might carry over into the next game. If a player has a persistent problem, they will miss an entire game.


PIAA rules state that a player who receives a yellow card must sit out for a five minute span before entering back into the game.



Issued equipment is a responsibility.  Destroyed or lost equipment must be compensated for at the end of the season.



All injuries must be reported to the trainer and coach, regardless how minor.  If you seek care from someone other than the school-approved trainer or physician, a note must be provided to the Carlisle Trainer and appropriate coach stating the player can return.


Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.


Rob Wiley – Middle School Head Coach                    Brandon Eiserman – High School Varsity Head Coach

717-385-3762                                                              717-241-4092

wileyr@carlisleschools.org                                         eisermanb2@carlisleschools.org