WITF Online Resources

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PBS Learn-Grow
This site can be tailored to ages 2-8.  It has links to WITF’s TV schedule, articles, apps, activities and videos by age.

PBS Learning Media 
This site can be curated by grade (pre-k-13 +, content area, and standard).  Families and educators can search by their child’s grade and review plenty of topic areas to pick up on or reteach concepts children were learning.

PBS Learning YouTube Channel
The PBS Learning Media YouTube channel has professional development offerings for teachers.

Pennsylvania History
ExplorePAhistory.com provides users with three principal entry points: "Stories from PA History," "Visit PA Regions," and "Teach PA History." "Stories from PA History" includes histories built around state historical markers. "Teach PA History" includes elementary, middle, and high school lesson plans for teachers of Pennsylvania and American history. "Visit PA Regions" provides useful information for those who are interested in visiting historic sites associated with Explore.

Sesame Street In Communities
This site provides both professional development and activities for children and families by age group.

Meet The Helpers
MEET THE HELPERS is a public media initiative designed to introduce children to community helpers and practice emergency preparedness.  Research has shown that introducing children to community helpers in a safe and fun environment can help them react better during times of crisis.  A series of short videos is featured.

PBS News Hour Extra
This site is specifically designed for grade 6-12.  It features news, can be searched by subject area like civics or math and includes lesson plans and student voices.

Student Reporting Labs
Includes 10 lesson plans, educator resources and youth reporting efforts

PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs
With many schools closing and teaching moving online, PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs has created a special unit that covers the basics of local community journalism, storytelling, scripting and video editing. You can also access a webinar discussing the unit with Q and A from educators across the country.

Design Squad Global
Use DESIGN SQUAD GLOBAL hands-on activities and videos in classrooms and afterschool programs, in libraries and museums, at events and at home, along with the newest resource DESIGN SQUAD GLOBAL CLUBS that connect 10- to 13-year-olds in out-of-school programs—and home settings-- around the world.

NPR Student Podcast Challenge
The actual contest ends March 24 for this year but this site features a podcast about making a podcast.  What a great way for students to share what they are learning!