Notification System for Parents

The Carlisle Area School District uses a parent notification system designed to provide you with important information in an efficient and timely manner via voice call, email, and SMS text messaging.   

The information for phone, email, and cell phone notifications are submitted through the New and Returning Student forms in the PowerSchool Parent portal. One of our greatest challenges to maintaining an effective and efficient system will be the maintenance of accurate parent information. Should your information change throughout the year, please complete the appropriate "Change" form in PowerSchool.

For Text/SMS Messages:

If you mistakenly replied 'STOP' to a CASD/SchoolMessenger text and would like to opt back in, text "Y" or "Yes" to 67587. 

Text notifications from CASD will only go to numbers entered in the PowerSchool New Student - Part 8, Returning Student - Part 5, or Change Notification forms.