*Please note that all language classes require students to speak in the target language as often as possible and often in front of the class.


German I - Course #312
1 credit, 5 pds/week
No prerequisite
Grades 9-12

In German I the foundation is laid to understand basic German grammar. Within the vocabulary range of a first-year German course, the students practice the four areas of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In order to make the language more meaningful, students sing songs and play word games in German, write and present skits, and produce creative projects using the target language. Students learn how to express themselves properly in everyday situations, to include talking about themselves and their family and friends, preferences and interests, going shopping for food and clothes – all of which come within the vocabulary range of first year students.

German II - Course #313
1 credit, 5 pds/week
Prerequisite: German I (C or above is recommended)
Grades 9-12

This course continues the work of the elementary level aimed at the mastery of the structure of German. Units will include more extensive vocabulary and grammatical structures based on those mastered in German I. Communicative skills in the language are practiced and life in German speaking countries is presented through realistic contexts, songs, short stories, pictures and discussion/comparing/contrasting. All four areas of language learning receive equal emphasis: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Honors German III - Course # 315
1 credit, 5 pds/week
Prerequisite: German II and recommendation of German II teacher
Grades 10-12

This is an intermediate course in which students begin to move from concrete vocabulary to speaking and writing in German. Students will use this vocabulary in dialogues, casual and guided conversations, and directed compositions that are both structured and creative. Students will work with authentic texts and authentic videos to begin using their language skills beyond the classroom. Students will continue to build on the grammatical foundations begun in the first two years, including an emphasis on the major verb tenses. An emphasis will be placed on writing skills in this course.

Honors German IV - Course # 316

1 credit, 5 pds/week
Prerequisite: German III and recommendation of German III teacher
Grades 11-12

At this level of German, the students are capable of reading German newspapers and magazine articles, authentic text materials, non-technical literature such as poetry, dramas, short stories and novellas written by German speakers for German speakers. Students practice oral discussions of current events and current topics of interest as well as using German in casual conversations. Students will continue to work with authentic videos to refine their understanding of spoken German, including dialects of the German language. There are grammar reviews and the introduction of more advanced grammar concepts to aid students in their written and spoken use of the language. An emphasis on geographical, historical, and literary understandings of the people who speak the language will also occur in this course.

Honors German 5 - Course #321
1 credit, 5 pds/week
Prerequisite: German IV and recommendation of German IV teacher
Grades 11-12

In German V students will continue their study of German language, history and culture. Students will review grammar from the previous four years of German and build on it with more difficult concepts. Listening skills will be practiced regularly through the use of authentic videos and recorded materials. In order to refine their abilities and work towards the next level of proficiency, students will be reading and writing regularly. Speaking in the target language for practice exercises and presentations will be required. Current events will be used to help students create a deeper understanding of the practices and perspectives of German culture. Throughout the course of the year students work towards the ability to speak and write at a language proficiency level of intermediate-high. This level of fluency entails being able to communicate smoothly on a variety of familiar topics in a spontaneous way with minimal error.  This course will run concurrent with German IV and additional structured practice in preparation for the Advanced Placement exam will be available for students interested in taking that assessment.

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