Sports Physicals

Important Physical Information for All Sports:

The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) has issued guidelines for athletic physicals. Carlisle School District follows the PIAA guidelines. Carlisle athletes must complete both the four-part PIAA form (PowerSchool Parent Portal) and a Section 7 Physical Examination form. Below are the guidelines that need to be followed.

Click here for the current season and next season’s physical dates.

INITIAL EVALUATION - Students athletes are required to complete:

  • Section 7 Physical Examination form (from the CIPPE packet used in past years)

*** Physicals must be performed after May 31st of calendar year***

SUBSEQUENT SPORT(S) IN THE SAME SCHOOL YEAR- Student athletes wishing to play a different sport in the next athletic season are required to complete the Re-Certification PIAA form (PowerSchool Parent Portal).

*** Licensed Athletic Trainers, will then determine whether Section 8 needs be completed***

ImPACT Testing- Student athletes must complete the ImPACT test, 2 years prior to the first day of practices for their desired season’s start.

***Example: If the first day of practices falls on 11/17/2021, the student must have taken the ImPACT test after 11/17/2019, if not, they are required to take a new baseline test to participate in ANY practice or game.***

***Any questions regarding when a student last took an ImPACT test should be directed to any of the 3 Licensed Athletic Trainers or the Athletic Director.***