Practices and Games

High School practice times will typically run from 4:00pm - 6:00pm.

***Note:This time may change based on location of practice, game schedule changes, etc. Communication will be made in advance to all players about any changes that occur. 

Click here to view the 2020 Schedule: TBD

Practices - Girls should be prepared to be at either Bellaire or the game field, and will be notified via Group Me if a change is occurring. All players should be dressed at the assigned field, no later than 15 minutes before the start of practice, to warm up and stretch, and be ready to go at the assigned practice time. 

Games - Home games will be at our "game field" across from the stadium. Communication will be made to all players about the time we will be leaving for away games.

Varsity Game Schedules can be viewed at:

You also have the ability to sign up for alerts through the schedulestar website (click on alerts in the upper right hand corner). Once you've signed up, follow the directions for adding teams and managing your alert settings. You can be alerted anytime the schedule is changed and can also receive score and stat updates. Under "alert settings", you also have the ability to add additional email addresses or phone numbers to receive text alerts.