Device Use and Handling Guidelines

Devices are provided for students to engage in learning activities provided by teachers. Students are expected to follow usage guidelines and to use caution in handling the equipment. 

All aspects of District Policy 815 and the Acceptable Use of Technologies applies to the use of the device and Internet access.

  • Users may not install unauthorized games, programs or files. Users may not attempt to view or configure network or system settings, files, or programs.
  • Users are not to disclose personal information to non-district persons such as home address, physical description, or any other information that could threaten the safety and security of students.
  • Be cautious in the use and storage of your assigned device. Do not leave it where it could be stepped on or easily bumped off furniture or counter-tops.
  • The District reserves the right to monitor, track, and log network access and may revoke access privileges.

Device Return
Devices and chargers must be returned to your school building prior to the last day of school or student withdrawal, whichever occurs first. Failure to return items will result in an obligation equal to the value of the device and/or charger. 

Internet Filter
Devices are configured with an Internet filter to prevent users from accessing sites that are inappropriate for educational use. Filtering may be updated periodically to include newly discovered sites that are inappropriate and override blocked sites that are determined to be appropriate. Users may not use software, alter proxy settings, or use any other means to bypass the District’s filter.

Service and Support
Students/Parents should refer to for access to technology support.  District devices may not be tampered with or repaired by anyone outside of the District’s Technology Department. 

Any damage believed by school administrators to have been caused deliberately or through misuse or neglect will be classified as vandalism.  Thefts must be reported to your principal immediately.  The district will not cover loss or theft, or damage resulting from deliberate misuse or neglect.  Students/parents are responsible for replacement costs.