Summer Learning Program

Held at Lamberton Middle School from June 10, 2022 through July 7, 2022

The purpose of the Summer Learning Program is to recover credit for courses that were failed during the school year.  Students enrolled in the Summer Learning Program will typically take one or two online courses.  In some situations, students may be required to take more courses in order to meet their academic requirements or to help them recover additional credits/learning. 

Summer Learning Program Handbook - 2022

Click here for the high school student registration.

Click here for middle school student registration.

Program Directors

Jason Beals
717-240-6800 ext. 26812
[email protected]

Jacob Evans
717-240-6800 ext. 19812
[email protected]

Joseph Dunn
717-240-6800 ext. 27804
[email protected]

Nicholas Sadvari
717-240-6800 ext. 15812
[email protected]