School Board of Directors

Mrs. Paula A. Bussard

Term Ends: 2019

Negotiations Committee: Chairperson and Health Trust Representative

Miss Linda A. Manning

Term Ends: 2019

Discipline Committee: Chairperson, Extracurricular & Athletics Committee, Policy/Personnel Committee, and Bison Foundation Representative

Dr. Fred D. Baldwin

Term Ends: 2019 

Education Committee; Budget/Finance Committee, Discipline Committee, Negotiations Committee, and CAIU Representative

Mr. Bruce R. Clash

Term Ends: 2019

Policy/Personnel Committee; Chairperson, Community and Intergovernmenal Relations Committee, and PSBA Representative

Mr. Rick Coplen

Term Ends: 2021

Extra Curricular and Athletics; Chairperson, Education Committee, Community and Intergovernmental Relations Committee, and HACC Representative

Mr. Gerald E. Eby

Term Ends: 2019

Budget/Finance Committee: Chairperson, Discipline Committee, Negotiations Committee, Property Committee, and Tax Bureau Representative

Mr. Brian J. Guillaume

Term Ends: 2021 

Property Committee: Chairperson,  and Budget/Finance Committee

Mrs. Anne H. Lauritzen

Term Ends: 2021 

Education Committee; Chairperson, Extracurricular & Athletics Committee, and Property Committee

Ms. Deborah L. Sweaney

Term Ends: 2021 

Community and Intergovernmental Relations Committee; Chairperson, and Policy/Personnel Committee