Awards of Excellence

The School Board of the Carlisle Area School District provides awards to staff members:

• One professional staff member is chosen to receive the "Outstanding Teacher Award"
• Three professional staff members to receive the "Awards of Excellence in Education"
• Three support staff members are selected to receive the "Awards of Excellence in Education"

Nominees should display the following characteristics:

• Demonstrates a passion for teaching and strives for student success (professional staff only)
• Strong commitment to students – ability to motivate all students
• Knowledge of and sensitivity to student growth and development
• Positive relationships with teachers, parents, support staff, community
• Demonstration of imagination, innovation, and creativity
• Service to the district and other community organizations

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The Outstanding Teacher will receive an invitation to attend the CAEA/CASD banquet and $500. Each Awards of Excellence in Education Award winner will receive an invitation to attend the CAEA/CASD banquet and $500 to be used to (1) assist them in the purchase of a personal technology device, (2) enable them to attend a conference, workshop, etc., and/or (3) purchase any materials, supplies or equipment that might make their job a little easier.

A committee of judges choose the recipients for the Awards of Excellence winners from both the support staff and professional staff and the recipient of the Outstanding Teacher Award.

Year Education Education Support
 2018/19 Kelly Brown
Matthew Fahnestock
Sarah Fowler-Barr
Outstanding Teacher Award - Mallory Frank

 William Kemp
 Stacy Loose
 Bret Stamy
 2017/18 Aaron Carmichael
Keith Coyle
Kate Muir
Outstanding Teacher Award - Mark Smeltz

Darlene Coover-Greenwalt
Holly Miller
Deanna Salisbury
 2016/17 Robert Barrick
Tracie Brennan
Darren Kiehl
Outstanding Teacher Award - Theresa Dixon

Scott Disbrow
Kelli Group
Renee Jameson
 2015/16 Alicia DeAngelis
Michael Gogoj
Joan Mulholland
Outstanding Teacher Award - Allison Thumma

Keith Kuntz
Betsy Steinberger
Michael Hurley
Todd McCauslin
Stephanie Weimer
Outstanding Teacher Award - Timothy Mohr

Larry Burnhart
Priscilla Perdue
Helen Shimandle
 2013/14 Doug Hewlett
Jen Mohr
​Bill Stoms
Outstanding Teacher Award - Molli Davis
Ann Behnke
​Jean Benfield
​Louise Bookamer
 2012/13 Susan Biondo - Hench
Mary Franco
Cherie Kiehl
Outstanding Teacher Award - Pete Belcher

Larry Lewis
Debra Rasp
Karen Stum
 2011/12 Christi Fraker
​Shawna Scherer
​Susan Wimer
Outstanding Teacher Award – Stephen Hvizdos
Thomas Palmer
Susan D. Sheaffer
Laura Stoner
 2010/11 Sean Allewelt
​Elaine Rampulla
​Alison Shughart
Outstanding Teacher Award – Lydia Petracco
Tammy Adams
MaryBeth Blackburn
Betty Harper
 2009/10 Jeffery Bell
Ann Gerras
Sonia Rosario
Outstanding Teacher Award – Ann Bean
Carol Junga
Karen Luckenbaugh
Kim Spangler
 2008/09 Kathryn Callahan
Carole Holly
Sherry Mann
Outstanding Teacher Award – Susan Boldosser
Jeanne Clevenger
Ruth Gerhardt
 2007/08 Keith Colestock
Kamala Cunard
Amy Garcia
Jane Krebs
Outstanding Teacher Award – Heidi Shrawder
Linda Fitzpatrick
Mary Diana Frick
Grayson Rech
 2006/07 Ginger Barnhart
Carolyn Freberg
Bonnie Mehls
Jane Musser
Outstanding Teacher Award – Sue Byers

Sylvia Foshee
Sylvia Myers
Sue Oliver
 2005/06 Jenni Aungst
Trish Carlucci
Josh Knisely
James Strine
Kathy Griffie
Elaine McCoy
Cathy Shughart
Ann Alandar
Geraldine Johnson
Karen Rineard
Monique Pannebaker (Varner)
Heidi Beetem
James Saphore
Gene Scott
 2003/04 Charles Bassett
Donald Dupes
Mary Ann Evans
Bonnie Smyers
Mary Beth Fowler
Patricia George
 2002/03 Denise Eschenmann
Marsha Mentzer
Bonnie Rodgers
Susan Sullivan
Valerie Bushey
Robin Orner
Margaret Rogusky
 2001/02 Tom Cook
Allen Shank
Gary Shank
Beth Ellen Walters
Mimi Eavenson
Dixie Grimes
Kathy Redmond
 2000/01 Maryann Brenneman
James Burgess
James Shirk
Carvel Markley
Susan Sheaffer
Jack Barnhart
Amy Hamilla
Jacob Hodge
 1999/2000 Deborah Booz
Ralma Fry
Tina Trozzo
Carol Wagner
Rachel Betts
Nancy Harig
Kathryn Hartline
 1998/99 Matthew Berrier
Debra Ferguson
Cynthia Sutton
Marie (Bunny) Zerbe

Judy Brant
Ruth Duncan
Gus Stine
 1997/98 Cheryl Parsons
Linda Price
Runnette Smith
Margie Spahr
Denise Agar
Dotti Patterson
Peggy Stuart