Library Media Center Services and Policies

Fowler Media Center Services:

-The library has one certified librarian, a library manager, one full time and one part time library aide  

  available for reference questions and student services

-Library Hours: 7:00-3:30 Monday-Thursday, 7:00-3:00 Friday

-Students do not need ID's to access the library before or after school, but they are asked to

 sign in at the main desk

-41 computers available for student use in the library complex

-2 networked printers are available at no charge for black and white printing

-1 color printer is available at a fee of $.25 per page

-2 computer labs with student computers, Smart Boards, and projectors are available

-Database subscriptions for research and study that include texts, magazines and journals,    

 newspapers, and primary source documents (see online databases in the menu)

-44,000 books indexed through library catalog

-34 e-readers with over 400 titles to choose from available for lending

-700+ DVDs

-Inter-library loan services are available between buildings in the school district.

-Replacement ID cards can be provided, with a $3.00 processing fee.  Please allow a 1-day

 turnaround for printing purposes.

-Daily newspapers and weekly magazines available for casual reading after student work is

 complete in print and via e-readers.



Fine Policies: 
All overdue fines continue to be waived if incurred after 1/1/20 due to COVID-19.  

Regular books--10 cents per day

Reference books--25 cents per day

DVDs and flash drives--25 cents per day

E-readers--$1.00 per day


     Returning items on time is part of being a responsible library citizen.  The library staff prepares weekly overdue notices and asks the English teachers to distribute them to students.  Parents are notified via e-mail during the 3rd week an item is overdue, or if a student incurs a fine.  During the 4th week of having an overdue item, or owing a fine, the student's library access is restricted to use for only curricular purposes.  During the 8th week of having an overdue item, or owing a fine, a discipline referral is given to the grade-level office. 

     The library offers a nine day grace period for regular books and a three day grace period for reference books, DVDs, and flash drives.  After an item reaches $1.00 in fines the student is responsible for paying the overdue fine. Fines may be paid in person by the student during regular library hours.  



Fowler Media Center Policies:


-Research passes are given priority access.  Library capacity is 50 students without teacher accompaniment.

-If students choose to use the library during study hall time, they must first report to study hall, show their ID card to the study hall teacher, and be placed on the library pass.  Students then get scanned into the library via their ID card and are expected to work quietly and productively.

-Teachers may send groups of up to 6 students from their classrooms at any given time.  A written pass from the teacher is requested.

-Students may use the library during lunch, but may not eat lunch in the library.  They need to have an ID card in order to be scanned into the system, and are required to have a pass from their principal or guidance counselor.  

-If a student refuses to work quietly and to be productive, he or she will be sent back to study hall and could be restricted from using the library during study hall and lunch times for a minimum of 2 weeks. 

-BYOD, for computers and cell phones, is supported in the library for school work only.  Students must use the designated outlets to charge devices. 

-The streaming of videos and music through Internet access is not permitted, as it violates the AUP and ties up bandwidth.

-Educational games on the Internet are permitted, as long as they aren't interactive.  (Example: flash cards for vocabulary enrichment are acceptable.)  If a student is unsure, check with one of the library staff members.  Online card games are not permitted.