Bus Rules

1. All students riding the school bus should be at their bus stop five (5) minutes before the scheduled arrival of the bus.

2. Students should conduct themselves in the same manner as when in the classroom, except for normal conversation. The bus driver has the same authority as a teacher in the classroom. Disrespect for the driver will be considered a serious violation.

3. Students must remain seated while the bus is in motion, and wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before getting on or off the bus. Drinking and eating are not allowed on the bus.

4. Students must not extend or place their arms, hands, head or other items out of the school bus windows.

5. Students must not damage or tamper with any parts of the bus or equipment, or use the emergency door, except in the case of an emergency. Parents will be held financially responsible for any willful acts of destruction.

6. Horseplay, fighting, use of vulgarity or profanity, throwing articles or trash in or out of the school bus, or other behavior which distracts the driver is considered improper conduct and is not permitted. Fighting on the bus or at a bus stop may result in an immediate one (1) week suspension and possible charges.

7. Students are not permitted to bring or use any of the following items on the school bus: live animals, weapons, (or items which may inflict bodily harm) controlled substances (drugs), alcohol, tobacco, water pistols, or items used to shoot liquids.

8. Aisles must be kept free at all times, items which are too large for the student to hold on their lap, including musical instruments or projects are not permitted. Students may not block the aisle with their feet or possessions.

9. Students may not leave the bus for any reason, or get off at a location other than their assigned stop without a school bus pass. Students may not change buses without a bus pass.

10. Ridership on a school bus is a privilege, any conduct that endangers the safety of other students, the school bus driver, or other motorists will be considered a severe violation and could result in the immediate suspension of school bus riding privileges.