Student Assistance Program (SAP)

A Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a systematic intervention process for students at risk.  An at-risk student is one who has an emotional, social, and/or substance abuse problem that interferes with the normal learning process.  These problems include, but are not limited to, the following:
    Academic, emotional, behavioral and social difficulties
    Eating disorders
    Depression, anxiety, or other mental health problems
    Substance use or abuse
    Suicidal thoughts or gestures
    Self-harm (cutting or scratching oneself)
The middle school SAP team members have committed themselves to identifying the students who have problems which affect their learning.  Each student is a special individual who is a product of his/her home, school, and community environments.  Therefore, a team effort is essential for the Student Assistance Program to be effective.

If you are interested in having your child participate in the Student Assistance Program, then please contact one of the SAP team members in your child’s middle school.

Lamberton SAP Team

Wilson SAP Team

Additional Resources

A statewide toll-free suicide and crisis hotline for teenagers and parents (1-800-722-5385)

Cumberland County Crisis Intervention: (717.243.6005)

PA SAP Website:


Cumberland Perry Drug and Alcohol Commission: