Work Permit Application Instructions

You do not need an appointment to obtain a work permit, please bring the following documentation to the correct office during school hours.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


  • Students must be at least 14 years of age.
  • Parent/Guardian Signature and address on application. (Link below for application)
  • Please fill out the personal information on the PDF work application below and bring it to the corresponding office.
  • Birth Certificate or Passport. (If sending this documentation with your student to school, a copy will meet the requirements.)
  • Student Signature on Work Permit.

Application: Click here to access application.

Middle School
Students wishing to secure/obtain a work permit please contact your Middle School Office: 

High School Students wishing to secure/obtain a work permit may contact the Swartz Office: 

Additional "Work Permit" Information:

A copy of the Work Permit should be given directly to the employer by the student. The employer will keep the copy on file until such time as employment is terminated. It is then the responsibility of the employer to notify the school district.

The employer may keep the copy of the permit if he desires.  However, the student maintains the original transferable permit at all times.

NOTE: In the event a Transferable Work Permit is lost, the student will need to secure a new one, repeating the process above.