Student Registration for the 2023-24 School Year

If you would like assistance in completing this process in a language other than English, please contact the Registrar's Office at 717-240-6800 x17803.  The district will provide an interpreter for you at no cost.

** Students must be five years old by August 31, 2023, to enroll in kindergarten for the 2023-24 school year. **

Registration is REQUIRED for students new to the Carlisle Area School District (CASD), students returning from homeschooling, and students returning from a cyber charter school. Please follow steps below to complete the registration process.

Online Registration

Step 1:  Click here to complete the 'New Student Pre-Registration' form.  Complete this form for each child enrolling.  After the Registrar has reviewed your initial submission, you will receive an email with instructions, as well as unique access information for your student, to complete the online registration process.  Please contact Stacy Loose, [email protected], if you do not receive this email.   THIS IS THE FIRST STEP IN REGISTRATION. Students will NOT be registered until Step 2 has been completed.

Step 2: Complete the full registration forms through the PowerSchool Parent portal.

When completing the registration forms, you will have the option to upload various documents*.  If you do not have access to digital forms of documents, please setup an appointment to bring the paper copies (Step 3 below) or drop them off at the Administrative Offices at 623 W Penn St Carlisle, during regular business hours.

* It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to provide the required documents (see below for what is required).  Missing documents will delay your student's enrollment.

Follow the instructions in the email to create or logon to an existing PowerSchool Parent account. For any questions regarding the process to setup a PowerSchool account, please contact Stephanie Douglas at [email protected] Once you are logged into your account, you will need to complete the following steps separately for each new student.

  1. Click the student's name on the top blue menu bar.
  2. Click on “Forms”.  This option is along the left-side of the screen (you may have to click the side arrow to view a list of options) or via the app - go to the More... Forms option).
  3. Click the link for "New Student Registration - Part 1". 
  4. When you click “Submit” at the end of each form, the system will automatically take you to the next section.
  5. After you have completed Part 8 (Permissions), make sure to click "Submit". 
  6. Once all forms have been submitted, an alert will automatically be sent to the Registrar indicating that the student's forms are complete.
Repeat the process for each new student by clicking their name on the top blue menu bar.

Step 3: 
If unable to upload required documentation, setup an appointment with the Registrar to provide information.  If you were able to upload all required documents, an appointment is not needed. Click here to make an appointment.  The Registrar's Office is located at 623 W. Penn St., Carlisle.

Attend the appointment with the following information if you have NOT already submitted in the PowerSchool system (Step 2 above):

Proof of your child's age: Original birth certificate or a notarized copy of the birth certificate or valid passport.

Immunizations (as required by law): Immunization record or written exemption statement from a medical office.

Proof of residency for the parent/guardian (two documents required):
* Deed, lease, or sales agreement
* Notarized statement from landlord
* Mortgage information
* Utility bill
* Vehicle registration or vehicle insurance
* Driver's license or DOT identification card

* If residing with a district property owner, both forms for multiple occupancy (click here) must be completed and notarized.

Custody Paperwork, if applicable

IEP or 504 Plan, if applicable

If you have questions, please contact the Registrar, Stacy Loose, [email protected] or by calling 717-240-6800, ext. 17803 between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.