Exploring K-8 Facilities

Carlisle Area School District (CASD) sits in Cumberland County, the fastest growing county in Pennsylvania.  The District is planning for an increase in enrollment due to upcoming housing projects, and also recognizes that we have many transient families who move into the District during the school year. CASD is seizing this opportunity to reimagine our elementary and middle school programs in order to balance class sizes, streamline our resources, and improve efficiencies.  

Our goal is to improve and enhance the education program through a more efficient structure, and for our elementary and middle school students to experience the same, cutting edge, program regardless of which building they attend. We want our students and community to truly feel a part of “One Carlisle.”

Please refer to the video links below for more information on current and upcoming housing projects, efficiency of programs, and class size imbalances throughout the district.  This content was presented to the Board of Directors, Education Committee Meeting in February, 2023.