Financial Aid and Scholarship Information

Please use this document to help you in planning your path to post-secondary education, military, employment, or training!

This document can help you do the following:
  1. Search for post-secondary schools and career/major you want. Start with the career and that will tell you the training you need as not all careers require college.
  2. Know costs and plan to save money.
  3. Apply for financial aid. Opens October 1st of your senior year. 
  4. Apply for scholarships. There are scholarships that go unclaimed. Put time into looking for and applying for scholarships, its free money that you do not have to pay back. 
  5. Learn more about Programs of Study and what credits your career and technical education will allow you to articulate.
  6. Search for employment and find skilled work.
  7. Search and learn about careers in the military. 
Financial Aid Scholarship Information.docx