REWARDS® is a research-validated reading program designed to assist students with decoding multi-syllabic words. Through the use of systematic instruction, students will learn a strategy for breaking apart words containing two to eight syllables. The REWARDS® program affords students the opportunity to enhance their vocabulary, increase fluency, improve comprehension and assist with spelling.

While in the classroom, students partake in a variety of activities that follow a routine within each lesson (please note, a lesson can be extended over several class periods). The activities include:

A. Oral Activity - orally blending word parts to form read words

B. Vowel Combinations - quickly recognizing and producing vowel pattern sounds

C. Vowel Conversions - emphasizing the difference between long and short vowel sounds

D. Reading Parts of Real Words - longer words are made up of smaller word chunks

E. Underlining Vowels in Words - brining students' attention to the vowel sounds in words

F. Oral Activity - correcting mispronounced words in text

G. Prefixes and Suffixes (indentifying and circling them) - peeling off the prefix and/or suffix is a key piece in decoding multi-syllabic words

H. Meanings of Prefixes and Suffixes - understanding the meaning of the prefix/suffix assists with vocabulary and comprehension

I. Spelling - spelling dictation of words using vowel patterns and prefixes/suffixes learned

J. Academic Vocabulary - direct instruction on vocabulary

What can I do at home to help support my child in the REWARDS® program?

If your son/daughter is in the REWARDS program, they are learning a strategy to assist them when reading long, hard words. You can help by prompting your child to use their strategy. When encountering a challenging word, tell your child to 'use your strategy.' This will prompt him/her to go through the process and decode that difficult word.


  1. circle the prefixes

  2. circle the suffixes

  3. underline the vowels

  4. say the parts of the word

  5. say the whole word

  6. make it a real word

 REWARDS is a registered trademark of Voyager Sopris Learning.